Todays Meditations

Judgement has been tampered with. Are you not seeing the light.
Normality takes a new meaning. Those birds outside sing to me. My tears off my cheeks. My spirit is out of body. Able to swim freely without a pestering destroyer in my path. I’m okay. Angel? Is that God? His voice echos.
Echoes begin their layering. I’m walking now. A crawling phase has concluded from this chapter.
My first steps. How familiar they are to the touch. These hardwood floors. The cooling surface that emits my senses in the toes.
The smell of that Alaskan season. It glitters and sparks within my nostrils. The creekside window that gave a constant shhhhhhh to my brain’s marathon. I made it.
I decide to board a river side vessel awaiting my Embarkment. I give a gentle gesture of farewell to this beautiful landscape as we ascend into the blue above us. Afraid. closure. Destiny. Short lived. Meaningful. Delicious. Memorable. Heart felt. Dark. My last frontier.
I approach the sides of my vessel. Looking down is an option. Anticipating each foot of my increase in altitude is, too. I hear a beautiful creature whispering voices of the hive as we draw closer to it’s source.
This is special. Being in and out of one’s body. Comprehension towards even the basic of life’s questions. How, why?
Shit if I know. The panorama is strong around my face
We rush forward into a deeper place of peace. A stigma not influenced by those of bias spheres. Only from oneness. Our own imagination and enjoyment towards a place so special to each of our 5. We see what we feel. We can taste what we touch. Yet, we can still hear the sun speak to us given it’s willingness to burn.
I worry to much on another’s perspective. Fear has ruled enough of my pursue. I’ve begun my fight for victory.
.Love You.

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