I Among Giants

Guitar, vocals,writing.
From 2011 to 2015.
Check it out on Youtube.
My first official full band. Gone on to achieve amazing things, make great friends, and learn countless things within a personal and professional realm.
Thank you, Chris, Christian, and Ben. As well as the amazing amigos we got to collaborate with along the way.

Cast No Stone

Rhythm guitar, back up vocals, production.
Listen to songs by Cast no Stone on Reverbnation.
My amazing friend and brother, josh Grizzy, as we call the guy, has been a major support and musical genus I’ve had the privilege to share songs and ideas with. Cast No Stone has been a fun project both him and I have exploited deeply for a very long time. Being picked up in 2011 and still keeping it alive in the shadows. More to come on that front soon.

Away With My Weakness

Guitar, vocals, production.
Check out a song on Youtube.
AWMW is a small ditty I started in 2015 to sorta let a soft side come out. Still pushing a hard rock anthem or two but envelop in something more alternative. In the track linked above,Josh, as previously mentioned, actually wrote this song. Both him and I write together for this concept. Very wonderfully written and is serenaded by the blissful stringed style by our friend, Bryce. Enjoy.

Salt and Light

Guitar, backup vocals, production.
Listen to a track on Soundcloud.
From 2014 to 2016.
Salt and Light was a Christian centered metal concept that focused on biblical and personal struggle within human life. Capturing the reality in suffering.
My friends’ Brandon and Tommy got to erupt in a great journey. Shooting a music video, releasing an EP, and writing excellent riffs.