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Wood tv 8 Interview with Tony Gebhard
WZZM13 interview with Tony Gebhard


Blind Abilities Podcast
I had the pleasure to tell my story with Pete and Jeff in orlando, FL, the summer of 2018.
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Let God Die

Check out the Let God Die Podcast
November of 2015 was a crazy year. I was living in Alaska at the time and got in contact with Josh and Calvin of the podcast. We discuss various problematic things in faith as well as talk about my disability and how I cope.
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The Tony Kornheiser Show

Are you into sports? These guys have nonstop craze over today’s drafts in all walks of ball.
The 4th track off of my album, Changes can be found within the episode’s timeline. Starting at 31:08, my song, Wipe Away Your Tears, will come through the cracks.
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The Bad Christian Podcast

Being my all time favorite podcast to listen to, it was a pleasure to catch them on a house tour through the midwest. We sat down with a few beers in a basement flooded with supporters and talked everything from understanding adversity, Joey’s fat, and the crass belief confusion that underlines why God puts “disabilities” within one’s life to endure. I get a chance to talk on the mic and express how I feel.
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Glacier City Gazette

My time spent in Alaska was one to cherish and remember for a lifetime. On January 11th, 2017, I was interviewed, By P.M. Fadden, their associate editor.
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A global voice for disabled musicians.
An incredible network that continues to thrive in supporting musicians from all over the world who vary with disabilities. I have the honor to be a part and share the love with them as the oranization grows.
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