More then An Animal

Tonight, I began to heavily meditate on Hilda. My beautiful, outgoing, smart, and driven guide dog from 2017/2018. My tears began to flow, and trickle down as I write thinking about who she made me to be. Giving me the memorable signals to calm my mind when things go crazy and I want to leave my world.
Monkey, I miss you. The unshakable bond has such an inexplicable sensation that holds strong security, confidence, and courage.
Whether it’s staying up day and night while your pooch is sick, cleaning that puke off the carpet every mid morning, paying for vet bills even when you have no money, or simply holding her paw when she notices an obvious change in you.
Daddy is beyond proud of where you are today. Back in the school, showing off to your new and old friends, in and outgoing clients, ., and teaching everyone that they can be a tough animal when things get tense. Recalling a moment in Alaska where we both were learning a street rout together. Upon crossing a busy road, my patience struck and I began to stress myself in a panic attack. Worried she wasn’t working the way that “i” expected her to. After noticing her begin to invite lock up from feeling the transformation of stress, I broke down on the sidewalk, took her harness off, and laid in the grass with her and allowed our calmness to return to our stride through the town.
The recollection from this moment has always been reminding me to be more at peace
I miss you so much. A real and dedicated friend, worker, and inspiration she is on my life. I anticipate my next chance to take what she’s influenced into my life and bring it forth in a new light with my next pup. .

Guiding Eyes For The Blind

Hilda and I were a part of the May class in 2017.

My heart and the countless others that’s been affected in such warming ways, invites you to sniff over to the website and have new perspective. #GuidingEyes