New EP?

Yup, I’ve begun working on a new EP called, Hang Low. Heavily focused on suicide and the unspoken hurt that many experience. There’s a dark stigma to the topic that no one is ever comfortable shedding light onto. Understood and justified. We’re referring to a super harsh reality regarding mental health and it’s instability at times. Myself being a heavy victim of the struggle.
This ties into my second album, Changes and the truth about coping and experiencing these episodes…
I don’t fuck around or really care to put on a fake front. I choose to be honest with you.
I currently have 3 songs written up for the release. Two of which are on my Soundcloud profile.
I’ll have more updates regarding the release soon. For now, enjoy and please….. Never hesitate to reach out to me for an ear. I believe in a real therapy. Talking and or the presence of an open ear can make all the difference for someone’s very well being. Your life has validation, purpose, and a place. Look further within your skin cells. Don’t seek that from an outsider’s vantage point.
Love you