Is it worth it?

This passed weekend was pretty awesome. To make a long story a bit more brief, we had some friends come east from Chicago. Helped celebrate for a friend of ours here in kalamazoo for her birthday. As you can probably imagine, alcohol and mary jane became a helpful push for the atmosphere and energy. Common amongst these types of occasions, yeah? It’s something we partake to settle the mind, diminish stress, or plainly relieve pain. Both have their pros and cons.
I like to speak my mind. The internet has it’s trollies and it’s spazzes who take everything to heart, so, I don’t mind diving in.
I’m a pot head and love every minute of it. I also do drink but not as much. Both have their rates of attraction and I’d rather be lost in the green then the liquids.
Yet, I think…. Back before the whole “adult” thing happened, I didn’t need this shit to prosper my life. This was before my short term memory loss became a problem.
I’ve been very grateful that I can use something like weed to heighten creativity and ease my ADHD, but, is it worth the memory loss at times? No, it’s not severe, but, it grows.
I know i’m not the only one. Just talking here…