First 10 podcast episodes!

To think some of you can handle hour long bursts of my voice makes me chuckle. You all are awesome. Doing the TG Show has helped me articulate a lot of thoughts throughout the last couple of months. Having the opportunity to share insight into my own world, along with shedding a positive light onto […]

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They teach me.

Being in 1-on-1 environments for a career teaches many things. From the 3 years that I have been fortunate enough to observe, absorb, and learn from this career path is this: 1. Every action, word, reaction, and response that you have will be taken into account every single step of the way. It’s teaching a […]

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Updates to the site for 2023!

Happy New Years to all of you! I sincerely hope that the holidays treated you with kindness and comfort. I know for some, it’s a much more anguished part of our calendar, and I send all my love. We’re all trying to get through in our own ways. I wanted to quick outline a couple […]

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A Snowflake’s Cycle

A Snowflake’s Cycle By, Tony Gebhard 12/24/2022 The snowflake began as it remains to continue as it falls. A water cycle. Beautiful and unique in its geometric form. It’s dissent from the fluffy white clouds from a mile high, downward to its eventual accumulation of multiple feet of magnificent snow. Blanketing the forest floor, it […]

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Jesus with stringed lights

Jesus with stringed lights By, Tony Gebhard 12/23/2022 I suppose an introduction to this concept is needed. It is Friday, December 23rd. Christmas is only a couple days away and I feel calm. Moments of tenseness build up now and again from surrounding stresses, yet, it’s nothing I can’t contain. The natural nuclear family problems […]

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