In this photo, Tony is seen walking with Norris, his guide dog, on a sunny winter day.

7-up cans are flying everywhere!

Hey there readers,
Blessings on this Friday evening. The warm weather has made it’s welcoming arrival here in Alaska, and it’s oh so groovy! Shorts and shirts weather. 🙂

So, amazing news arised today at work that impacts my wife’s current situation. In an amazingly positive way. Grateful on God’s presence as we navigate difficult obstacles. A lot of life’s challenges simply provide opportunities for growth, perseverance, and endurance for what’s to occur.

After work, both her and I took time to rejoice. Taking a walk up the road to a gas station we both like. It almost sounds redneck in a way, sure. Any chance to get exercise and clock out a workout on our watches, time to get the dogs walking, and laugh and talk with one another, is always a good moment to hold close.

So. The 7-Up part of this story.

I picked out a 12pack of one of our favorite sodas. Brought everything to the counter. Paid for everything. Waved bye to the dude behind the counter and gave him a smile.
Both my wife and I walked towards the road. Took a bight of a Zinger, which I did regret a few moments later. Hell. Highly compacted sugar riddled treats like that come from a Tooth Decay advocacy center.

After crossing a few roads and moving the bags from one arm to the next, I dropped the 12pack all over the sidewalk. Cans began spinning out and about like that obnoxiously large rolling pin lookin thing that fell off the truck in Toy Story 2. A moment that normally, most would be upset and annoyed about, we both laughed and worked together to pick them all up and use this moment to smile.

If I were to offer up a weird lesson from this, drop a 12pack once in a while. You may learn something about your reactionary brain.
Stay groovy.

Listen to, Love, off my upcoming album, Guided, which is set to release this summer.


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