In this photo, Tony is seen walking with Norris, his guide dog, on a sunny winter day.

A lack of empathy, will kill… 👻

Okay, there’s no murderous intent behind that, however, let’s boil this down to a really basic fundamental that’s required and needed for humanity to function as a community.


Definition: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.
This is so important for our connections to be authentic.

Why do I bring this up?

Individuals in a certain pair of shoes should not have others make decisions who are not sharing that pair of shoes.
I am a very strong advocate for those who are visually impaired or who struggle with mental health issues.
There are moments where, depending on context, rational decision making has to be made from an external party. Without bias. Etc.
I won’t argue with this logic. Yet, take guide-dogs.
An individual spends 5+ years with this animal. Knows them through and through. Mannerisms, habits, what works, what doesn’t, little kicks, annoyances, enjoyments, work ethic, you name it.
Then, you take an agency who sees a single area that they strongly believe calls for this dog to be retired. Individuals making those claims and calling for those decisions are lacking two core elements.
1. They are not blind
2. They don’t have a dog at home or have had worked with a guide-dog service animal.
3. They have grown strongly numb to the emotional and significant confidence driving force that comes with having a service animal.
4. They have not experienced years of trauma, constantly advocating, adapting, and accommodating their surroundings to help with their disability
I will digress. much to add onto this particular topic.

There are justifications!

Look, certain behaviorisms, habits, actions, and ethic that is performed by the service animal should be taken note of immediately. Especially if it causes a concern for safety. Yet, if all of those compelling arguments have no merrett or contextual facts to back it up, there should be no discussion.
Dogs will be dogs. 🐾

What do you think?

This is a heavy topic, I expect some backlash. Yet, I invite some of you who have dealt with service animals and different agencies to share your stories. ✏️


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