A Snowflake’s Cycle

A Snowflake’s Cycle

By, Tony Gebhard


The snowflake began as it remains to continue as it falls. A water cycle. Beautiful and unique in its geometric form. It’s dissent from the fluffy white clouds from a mile high, downward to its eventual accumulation of multiple feet of magnificent snow. Blanketing the forest floor, it extends for an eternity it seems. Creating a sense of peace as the night air brings a cold and calm essence to the atmosphere.
The children in the neighborhood in the distance are deep in a peaceful slumber. Parents prepare the morning arrival of presents, cookies, and coffee. Ensuring that their children are awoken by the true beauty and meaning of Christmas. Not all have had the privilege to reciprocate what this marvelous holiday can bring to one’s heart. Other people have suffered the loss of someone near and dear, which has morphed Christmas into being a grief-stricken time of year. The fundamental of this holiday truly stands with the birth of Christ. Celebrating Jesus and the deliverance of God’s son. The remission of this world’s sin. Anointing those who wish to bring others close to God. In addition, opening presents, eating more than the average individual should, and setting aside the petty problems of our every day family life. This is also difficult for some, yet, sometimes it’s about letting go.
The morning comes and the children begin to wipe their eyes. Anticipation rises like the heat in a sauna. Boys and girls of all ages run down to their living-rooms, some scamper to their family member’s bedrooms to awaken them of Santa’s arrival, and others are awoken by their mother or father. The atmosphere begins to jingle like the bells on a tree. Kisses and hugs are exchanged. Forgiveness is brought about between fathers and sons. Mothers and daughters set aside their differences. Siblings rejoice and express love for one another. In-laws come together and embrace one’s unified family.
This may not always happen. Yet, we can always set our minds to engage in the purest form of love. God’s love. The kind of love that holds no possible way of conveying through our own language.
Be gentle today. Take the hand of your partner. Hug mom or dad. Both if possible. Take inventory of your gifts, blessings, and skills.
Mary Christmas from me to you.


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