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Tony Gebhard is a multifaceted individual with a flair for creativity and a knack for inspiring others. Currently based in Alaska, Tony has lived a life that thrives on musical expression, entrepreneurial ventures, and a commitment to advocacy. Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Tony discovered his affinity for music at a young age. His talent was unmistakable; by the age of 7, he was already playing the keyboard, and by 14, he was fronting his own band, I Among Giants.

But life wasn’t just a collection of high notes for Tony. At age 9, he lost his sight completely due to a trampoline accident and a pre-existing retinal degenerative disease. This unfortunate event, however, became a catalyst that propelled him further into his passion for music and advocacy for the visually impaired.

Over the years, Tony has diversified his talents, venturing into multiple areas like podcasting and entrepreneurship. He is the proud CEO of Fright Knight Media, a company dedicated to a range of creative outputs, from music to gaming streams. With a mission to inspire and entertain, Tony continually aims to elevate his platform.

In terms of his music career, Tony has performed on notable stages, including playing guitar in front of 11,000 hockey fans at the Van Andel Arena in 2011 during a Griffins Hockey game. His journey has also taken him overseas; a 2016 trip to the UK stands out as a particularly enriching experience that broadened his cultural and musical horizons. In addition to the UK, Tony has traveled extensively around the United States, each journey adding more color and depth to his life story and artistic pursuits.

Apart from his professional life, Tony is happily married as of 2023 and looks forward to this new chapter with the same enthusiasm that has characterized his journey so far. In the same year, he has released his seventh studio album titled “Savage,” further solidifying his place in the music industry.

As the host of “The Tony Gebhard Show,” he not only entertains but also inspires, featuring guests with disabilities and highlighting their extraordinary stories. Tony’s experiences and professional ventures are carefully cataloged on his website, http://www.tonygebhard.com, where he shares blogs, podcasts, and much more, serving as a resource and inspiration to many.

With a lifetime spent conquering hardships and illuminating the way for others, Tony’s story is a compelling narrative of resilience, ambition, and the

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