Alaska is cold! Freezing with motivation! 🏂🏻❄️

Hey, family! 🐶
It has literally been a crazy few weeks. Went from way up there, 🏢
To way down here. 🏗️
Had a few breakdowns and shed some tears, but, we’re back up and running full force. Super appreciative of all the support, the new subscribers, and constant flow of love that has continued to shine from my corner of the internet. Not always pretty. Sometimes replacing the bulb. 😀
Nevertheless, been working 50+ hour weeks and recording new videos for games for the month of February. I will be playing a couple days of Mist World and will be finishing that RPG for a little while. Been super addicted, and want to focus on other games that were requested and voted for in the poles on YouTube.
SO! The podcast has been thriving. Going on 6 episodes as of this coming Saturday, February 4th. The listener count is gradually increasing, and we are having so much fun in our own space. Inclusive content, great guests, fun and laughter, the good stuff. 💪🏻
I want to thank everyone for their patience, commitment, and continuous support towards the various projects pumped out from my neck of the woods.

So what now?

February is looking groovy already. 4 episodes of the TG Show are scheduled to be pumped out. A local show here in Anchorage on February 10th at the Broken Blender. I will have photos and videos to share of those as they happen. Check out the Shows page for when I am playing live.
As Dusk Falls is an interactive drama that I will be starting on the channel very soon. Stay tuned for that.
I will be continuing my play-through of The Vale as well. Keep close to YouTube for these streams and videos.
We also have a live stream concert planned for the first Saturday in March. Tickets will be announced in the coming week for you to attend.
Thank you endlessly from my world to yours. It’s been a rough winter, but that does not slow down productivity. No excuses. No reason to give up.
Lot’s of love,


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