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All work and no play, makes Tony a whaaaat? 🎡

I am absolutely an advocate for having a work playlist. I might be having to write reports for hours. Finishing assessment paperwork for an extended period of time. Do little things here and there on the website, lyric writing, poetry, or genuine journaling.
It’s not the same without a musical soundtrack to add some melodic jingling to the atmosphere while I plug away at my brain bits.
I’ve organized a few artists and albums below to share the inner workings of what may be going through my speakers during the day.

Melodic Work Anthems

Spa and meditation Ditties

Andy James and his shreddage

Queen, live from Wembley

Phobia by, Breaking Bejamin

Incarnate by, Killswitch Engage

Mixes of meditation, relaxation, instrumental EDM, and metal.

What’s on your playlist? ⬇️ 🎧

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