First 10 podcast episodes!

To think some of you can handle hour long bursts of my voice makes me chuckle. You all are awesome.
Doing the TG Show has helped me articulate a lot of thoughts throughout the last couple of months. Having the opportunity to share insight into my own world, along with shedding a positive light onto disabled professionals has been a real privilege.
We all have so much to share as we pursue our ambitions. Professionally and personally.
If you haven’t checked out the TG Show, you can find it on Apple and Spotify. Go to my Podcast page to find your podcast service. Please leave a review.

Additional updates, videos, and shows!

March is looking groovy. Two live shows in Anchorage, new photos to hit the site soon, and more games to be put on the spotlight.
Go Check out my video on Constant Motion. A continuous runner audio game.


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