In this photo, Tony is seen walking with Norris, his guide dog, on a sunny winter day.

Hells Angels sighting, some street jazz, and an incredible night for music! 📸

This last Saturday was definitely a fun evening.
Admittingly, I was anxious prier to the show. I’ve always been one to keep my composure regardless of the situation, however, 4 hours of entertainment is a lot on one’s soul and voice.
I’ll get to the positivity. First, let’s tackle that I had to take a Lyft back to the house to grab extra mic clips that fell out of the bag. Upon arriving back to the venue, I discovered them on the stage where I had already looked… The beauty of painfully obvious discoveries.
So, I had a 25 song set-list planned out and it had went well.
A lot of instrumental Sara nation + covers. My good friend, josh, joined me this evening to sing a few songs and share drinks. Great voice and a cool friend to have.
ON our way out of the venue, once the show was over, a few Hells Angels members rolled down the street. loud and proud. I thought, well, shoot. That’s a first. Rolling back down the road, we found a street jazz performance playing music a little after midnight. Alaska is alive and bright. Proud to be here.

Check out Some Tracks

Red — Cover

Win or Lose – Original

Something To Say – Original

Guitar Improv

A Little Bit Of News!

For those who have asked, I am putting together a live album. It will be a while before official masters are revealed in anticipation for it’s release. Stayed tuned and check back to the site for more tracks and updates!


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