Jesus with stringed lights

Jesus with stringed lights

By, Tony Gebhard


I suppose an introduction to this concept is needed. It is Friday, December 23rd. Christmas is only a couple days away and I feel calm. Moments of tenseness build up now and again from surrounding stresses, yet, it’s nothing I can’t contain. The natural nuclear family problems that always find their way to the surface regardless of anything done to prevent negativity. Yet, there always seems to be something so special about the birth of Christ. The salvation of the cross. It’s incredible sentiment that continues to stand tall in today’s culture. Many different languages that speak and praise worship from across the globe. Bringing light to a darkness so familiar to many of us.
I’ll come clean and be the first to admit that I have not been as persistent with my daily devotionals. Keeping up on my prayers and meditations. I know that bringing recognition to an absent positive habit can be a good way to restore that sense of loss. No one is perfect. Pursuing a perfectionist lifestyle can lead to that heavy burden of never being able to live up to expectations.
Christmas always reminds me to take refuge in the simplest of things. Family, friends, my music, shelter, food to consume, and a place to feel wanted. Understood. Taken into consideration. An accessible place to give back in ways that are reciprocated. Open thoughts to really continue that journey towards peace. However, it may be found. The one true way to foresee a pure place of solace, is through Jesus himself. Deliverer of the broken. The church is a hospital. Not a place for the rich and righteous. Leave the fancy apparel at home. Bring your hearts.


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