In this photo, Tony is seen walking with Norris, his guide dog, on a sunny winter day.

May 14th’s show repaired The Broken Blender 🍸

I spoke with my Fiance before the show, “Love, tonight’s gonna be a riot.” She replied back with, “It sure will!” Her smile and continuous confidence and courage in my passion for music really brings me joy. I couldn’t do what I do in life as fulfillingly without her presence. Staying 5+ hours at a music venue, surrounded by a montage of different people, fluctuating blood alcohol levels, and sporadic noise levels produced by the vibrancy in the room.
We got there early to grab a bight to eat and have a couple drinks. Our favorite time together is the precious times. Friends of ours stopped by to add to the comradery. We have so much to be thankful for.
Now being able to open our home for visits, it really does add more settling feelings to know we’re making a real life for ourselves. She knows how much I love her, but, the center of my world? That’s an understatement.
Onto the gig, I was nervous. Being asked to entertain and perform for a crowd for 4 hours is something I have not done in years. Feverishly bringing out covers I haven’t sung in a while, mumbling lyrics to a Queen song I did not master or rehearse as often as I should have. Yet, with all of that anxiety, getting on stage with my keyboard and computer, guitar, and couple of amps, I felt on top of my game. Being placed in a position of familiarity.
Do you know that sense of security you get when you isolate all of your feelings into a singular place that serves as your escape? Yup. That’s the one. It felt oh so groovy.
The promoter who scheduled my summer gigs had approached me, and with a humorous comment said, “Don’t suck tonight.” Being around promoters and event planners, there’s a sense of funny business that goes around, yet, I knew under his breath, he needs to keep bodies in the building. Liquor sales on the up and up. I got a bit cocky, still keeping my humility and confidence in a safe place, I said, “Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.”
I have always had a good sense of humor, yet, I believe that music can bring so much unity into a room. I began with my set list.
Here’s some individual tracks cut from the recording.

Live Tracks


Don’t Stop Believing — Journey

Hang Low (Original)

I Want To Break Free — Queen

Never To Late — Three Days Grace

Rehab (Original)

She F***ing Hates Me — Puddle Of Mud

We Will Rock You — Queen

Whiskey And You — Chris Stapleton


Big thanks to Brad, Ryan, and the BB staff that served excellent food, great drinks, and delivered wonderful memories.
Come see me perform 5/28/22. Memorial Day weekend! Same place, same time.
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