B-Sides, rarities, and Grooves – 2022

The photo contains the album artwork for this record. Tony, at 14 years old in this picture, stands with a Dean flying V electric guitar above his head. On a Hockey rink, he stands in front of 11 thousand individuals in the audience. Marking an iconic moment in 2011 for Tony and those who know him.


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Guided 2022

< The landscape is that of Glacier Creek. Taken from a bridge in Girdwood Alaska, snowy mountains can be seen in the distance, with trees bare of their life in the wintery landscape. There's a creek below that goes into the distance. Tony Gebhard is written across the top, and Guided, is written upside down at the bottom of the image. Guided Cover Art[/caption]
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Soldier 2022

Against a dark background textured with fog and camouflage the the shape of a helmeted soldier’s head faces left. The head is a window looking onto a contemplative man who sits in the space of the chin and neck and looks to the right out over a shadowed valley and a clouded sunrise.
Album cover for, Soldier
A dark image depicts a creature on a path. Between two mountains, a journeyman perspective casts a dark shadow on the gloomy picture.
Album art for Drifter
The center of the album is a round image made from two identical large, black rounded trees, one upright and the other upside down beneath it completing the circle. At the end of the branches of the bottom tree are small red flowers and green leaves, the leaves become more sparse as you move into the center of the circle as they change from green to numerous and increasingly brighter fall colors. Behind the tree like a halo is the lighter image of a clock face with Roman numeral numbers and the center of the circle is the face of a moon becoming a sun, the crescent moon side being a pale...  contrast.
Changes album Cover

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Father Forgive Me 2016

The image depicts a man on a cliff, about to jump. Displaying a apprehensive1 facial expression, the bottom below the cliff shows a pair of hands.
Album cover for Father Forgive Me

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