In this photo, Tony is seen walking with Norris, his guide dog, on a sunny winter day.

Resilience on Rust

The photo depicts an individual wearing an old-style military uniform, complete with a helmet, boots, and belt pouches. They are holding an M16 assault rifle. The person is standing on the cracked ground of what appears to be a dried seabed, with an abandoned battleship in the background. The battleship is large, showing significant signs of decay and neglect, with its hull rusted and superstructure weathered. Wooden beams, possibly remnants of a dock or pier, protrude from the dried seabed around the person. The sky is overcast with a somber tone, adding a dramatic effect to the overall scene.

I find the need to fail,
Yet my need to win shall sail,
I conquer all that arises,
My heart is where my mind is.
Amidst the echoes of the past,
On a battleship, time has outlasted.
Standing strong, though alone,
On decks where history’s wind has blown.
A rifle in hand, a symbol of might,
Under the sky, grey and not quite light.
In this desolation, my spirit finds fire,
In rusted metal, my ambitions aspire.
Like this vessel, abandoned, yet grand,
My journey’s etched in the parched land.
For in this solitude, stark and grim,
Lies the strength to face, the battle within.
My victories are silent, known but to me,
In a landscape of memory, vast as the sea.
With each step on this forsaken ground,
I find the courage, where hope is found.
In the quiet, my resolve rings clear,
Amongst these ruins, I face my fear.
In the heart of the lost, in the eye of the storm,
In this desolate scene, my spirit is reborn


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