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If you are using Jaws, you can use the command, Insert + F6. This will bring up the “headings” list. Use your up and down arrows, or, first letter navigation to find what you are looking for.
If using NVDA, use the letter “h” to move forward one heading. Shift + H to move back a heading.
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My goal is to ensure that blind and low-vision students/adults are provided with appropriate, creditable, and invaluable resources for vocational, educational, and rehabilitative needs.

Blindness Agencies Across The U.S.

Below, you will find a document that was organized and formatted in 2020. Listed within the document’s contents are agencies, bureaus, commissions, centers, and other entities that serve clients within the United States. Note: Some information within this document may be incorrect. Such as, emails for staff members, individual extentions to executives.
Importance: It’s essential to identify the labor market at which you will be seeking your vocational needs. Priming your resume, polishing that cover letter, and making a good first impression.
Note: The file may contain contact information for individuals that are out of date. Staff members commonly rotate out of various agencies, so it’s important to do further research for emails, phone numbers, websites, and other data that pertains to what it is that you are looking for. See below.
Blind and Low Vision Contacts

Using Google Drive and Google Docs with the Jaws screen reader

The Google Suite has become such a widely used set of applications in colleges, office spaces, and small companies. Providing users accessibility for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and file storage options.
Using these programs as a low-vision or blind user can be tricky. Yet, Google has made it easy for screen reader users to navigate this vast space. Check out the documents below for helpful key-strokes, tips, and ways to utilize the programs with the Jaws screen reader.
Note: NVDA will work very similarly to the information provided in this documentation
Google Docs, with Jaws

Google Drive, With Jaws!

Windows 10 with Jaws

Jaws and NVDA serve as the BIG 2 for screen readers on Microsoft’s platforms. Below, you can find a list of various tasks that I have recorded for assistance. Audio/video tutorials will be added regularly.
Using the (Where am I) command, Insert + T with Jaws.
Opening programs via the start menu’s search edit box using JawsHow to use the run dialog box with Jaws
How to restore items from the recycle bin on the windows desktop
How to navigate the window’s desktopHow to create and delete folders with Jaws
How to Convert a PDF File from Microsoft Outlook using Convenient OCR With Jaws
Creating and managing files and folders within File Explorer

Surfing The Web! Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox

I am sure I can speak for many of us… The internet is an essential tool. Navigating with a screen reader can be tricky, yet, some of these resources may be of assistance to you.
Using Jaws to navigate in Google ChromeNavigating websites and performing Google searchs using Jaws with ChromeHow to Identify elements on Google Chrome when filling out formsHow to create and manage Favorites in Internet Explorer using JawsAccessing the Headings and Links list dialog boxes in Google Chrome

Using MS Outlook with Jaws

Found within the Office 365 suite, Outlook is a widely used email client that does it all. Mail, contacts, calendar management, tasks, and notes.
A great example that works superbly with Jaws and NVDA. Note: Downloading and installing the Outlook add-on for NVDA is encouraged.
Get The Add-on here
Here are some basic tasks to help get you started.
How to move emails from the inbox to a specific folder in Outlook, with Jaws
Creating a Calendar Event on Microsoft Outlook using Jaws
Attaching files in Microsoft Outlook using the Copy and Paste method with Jaws

Using MS Word with Jaws

Following our focus on the Microsoft Office suite, Word has been a widely used document management program for decades. Accessible, inclusive, and filled with new editions and features every release of Office 365.
Here are some helpful tasks for you to listen to as you become more familiarized with the Word interface.
Using the spell check feature in Microsoft Word with Jaws, Alt + F7 methodUsing reading commands with Jaws inside a Word DocumentOpening and Saving Documents Using Microsoft Word with JawsHow to Enable Editing on a Protected Document in WordCreating a new Microsoft Word document and having it saved to the documents Folder with JawsChanging and modifying text via the font dialog box and heading commands in Microsoft Word using JawsA basic introduction to Microsoft Word’s formatting key strokes using Jaws, bolding and italicizing

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro is an incredible tool for those who create music, mix audio, and master down groovy sounding tracks. It’s even more cool for those of us who rely on screen readers. Check out my detailed tutorial below on how to utilize this digital audio workspace.

Using Voiceover on the Apple iPhone

Voiceover is a built-in screen reader that reads items on your smart phone’s screen. By swiping and using various basic and complex finger gestures, your phone will be your abode in no time. Check out a basic 101 video that I recorded for you. Using an iPhone 11

Need to fix your Office programs on Windows 10/11? No problem

Within the guts of your computer, there are options to repair your Microsoft Office subscription. Sometimes those programs will be about as difficult as getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.
Follow the directions below to repair your Microsoft programs. Word, outlook, Excel, Power Point

1. Go to your start menu by pressing the Windows key.
2. Type in, “CTRL” Jaws will autofill “Control panel.” Hit enter.
3. Press “P” for first letter navigation until you find the link, “programs and features.” Hit enter.
4. You’ll be brought to an entire list of programs installed onto your machine.
5. Press the letter “m” for Microsoft Office.
6. Keep pressing M until you hear the option, “Microsoft Office Home and Business, 2019.” Or something surrounding the name of your Office subscription.
7. Hit your applications key once you’ve found the correct program. A context menu will open.
8. You will have two options. Uninstall, and change.
9. Hit enter on “Change.”
10. You’ll be brought to a Windows admin dialog that is asking for your permission to proceed. Hit, “Alt + Y.”
11. The dialog box presented will show a couple of things. Tab around to get oriented.
12. Cancel, repair buttons, along with a couple radio buttons to select the type of repair you wish to use in this exercise.
13. By default, “Quick repair.” Is selected. Leave this be.
14. Tab over to, “Repair button.” And hit spacebar.
15. All set. Let this run it’s courses for a few moments until complete.

Create and Assign Professional Signatures In MS Outlook using Jaws

Signatures are important. They signify what you do, where you work, a soulful quote or two, contact info, you name it. This helps cement a connection between you and someone you are potentially going to be doing business with. Check out the video below.

Creating HyperLinks Within Outlook! Also, this applies to MS Word and other programs

Hyperlinks takes a URL like and brings it down to just one word. Like this! Youtube
So, how’s it done? Check out the video below for step-by-step directions.

Using Microsoft Powerpoint with Jaws

Looking to make a presentation? Powerpoint is one of the major leading programs that provides all the tools, resources, and accessibility to create a polished looking presentation. Selling for investers, sharing insightful knowledge, class project, or making an argument with charts of data. Jaws works very well with MS Powerpoint. See below for a document containing keystrokes and concepts using Jaws with the program.
Using Powerpoint With Jaws

Using MS Outlook With Jaws

Okay, we’ve covered Outlook a bit on this page, however, I want to provide you a keystrokes document that can be referenced when using Jaws or NVDA within the Outlook email client.
Click the file below to download:
Microsoft Outlook 2019

Freedom Scientific — Focus 40 Blue Braille Display Resources

The Focus 40 is one of the most popular, cutting edge pieces of tech in the world of assistive technology. Providing excellent, efficient, and quick refreshable braille cells, a full bluetooth environment, an intuitive controling experience with Jaws, it’s the display to possess in the office or at home for studies. Below, you can find all of the userguides pertaining to Android, IOS, Windows, and the device as a standalone unit.

Focus 14, 40, and 80 Blue – 5th Generation User’s Guide



Using the Focus Blue with BrailleBack on Android

Using the Focus Blue with iOS

Computer Clean Up

There are many ways to minimize the clutter that our computers can build up over time. Just like a house, when we walk around, wear shoes, and step in and out, it tracks dirt. Computers are no different.
I have written up a document that lays this information out in detail in multiple steps for you to follow. Once a week, twice a month. Take care of the devices you utilize.
Let’s Clean the Machine, a few tips on computer hygiene

HIMS Braille Displays

HIMS has carved a sharp path with assistive technology. Whether it be the Braille Edge 40, the Polaris units, or others, they have significant use for their braille displays. You can access the Braille Edge 40 manual, and the Polaris manual, below.
Braille EDGE 40 manual


For updated information on HIMS and HIMS Products, Visit their Site!

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