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Soundtracks for the Soul

Music has such a wide variety of ways that help stimulate our brain. While we work up a sweat, write reports in the office, pass time in transit, celebrate with friends, the list goes on.
I am a big proponent with all the above, however, I love to meditate. Allow my mind to have it’s own exercise. Meditation helps us control our anxious brains during those crazy moments during the day.
I will be adding to this page regularly with great content that I personally find helpful, soothing, and good for the brain.
According to Mayo Clinic, spending just a few minutes a day on meditation, can help you find your inner peace and take away stress.
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The purpose of these resources are for informational use only. Happy meditating.

Meditation Music

You can simply go to and search for all sorts of meditation soundtracks. Apple Music, Spotify, your Alexa lady friend, you name it. You can ask your A lady, “Hey Alexa, play meditation music.” You will be surprised on her responses.
7 hours of Soft Piano, sleep, focus, relaxation

Gentle Healing Music for the Soul, piano, guitar, sleep

Some meditation channels will provide excellent, calming, and vibrant visuals that accompany the melodic safe haven. Turtles!
3 hours of Turtles and Piano

Hawaiian Guitar For Work, relaxation, calmness

Spa Station On The Streaming Apps

I am an Apple Music lover at heart, and one of my favorite channels to tune in to is, Spa Radio. An incredible station packed tight with enormous amounts of calming music for the soul.
I do recommend it’s song choices.
Go into your Music app on your IOS device and locate the Search icon at the bottom where the tabs are found. Type in, “SPA” and tap the first choice. Lock your phone. Block out all distractions of social media, the news, world politics, and enhance your mind for a while.
It is also an excellent station to keep on during work hours.
Don’t fret though, Amazon Music, Spotify, iHeart, you name it. They all possess excellent substitutions for your listening pleasure.

Do you enjoy Yogi Bear?

Okay, for some, Yoga is an absolute no. This section may not be for you, however, if you still would like to read along, there is an excellent app that is available for smart phones that gives excellent guided Yoga exercises.
Everything from the Mountains, Deserts, to the Oceans, it’s got something for you.
With a high quality real-life human female voice, you are guided through each pose and will not be disappointed with it’s features, add-ons, and availability.
Practice in privacy, with a partner, or with the whole family.
Pocket Yoga for iPhone, iPad, or Watch
Number 37 in Health and Fitness
4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8K ratings
Price: $2.99

Pocket Yoga On the Web

Check them out online and find your supported device application.
Pocket Yoga

World Music

Meditation is commonly practiced across all cultures in some fassion or another. Africa is no exception to these beautiful gifts.
Meditation from Morocco
That wind instrument that takes the lead will do all the necessary talking. Quiet the mind and enjoy your exercise.
The Amazon Rain Forest, sounds of nature, relaxation, sleep, calmness, peace

The Sounds of the Sea

Piano and Ocean Waves

Jazz, soul, and woah!

Okay, I am a sucker for jazz music. A saxophone has possessive traits in it’s reids.
With that out of the way, though, these are some extraordinary tracks and streams to consider for a background.
Night Paris Jazz, slow sax

Jazz Piano, cafe

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