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Respect service animals and leave your selfishness at the damn door.

It’s incredible that we still need to remind people about basic human decency and respect for individuals with disabilities and their service animals. It’s outrageous that some individuals still believe it’s acceptable to disregard a person’s request and use their visual impairment as an excuse to pet their service animal without permission.
Service animals are trained to assist individuals with disabilities and perform specific tasks to help them navigate the world. They are not pets, and their role is crucial in maintaining their owner’s independence and safety. Disregarding their training, distracting them, or interfering with their work puts the owner’s safety at risk.
It’s appalling that some individuals prioritize their desire to pet a dog over the safety and well-being of someone who depends on their service animal. It’s crucial to educate ourselves and others on proper etiquette around service animals and respect their importance in the lives of their owners. It’s time to grow up and prioritize respect over selfishness.

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