Guided — Digital album


5th studio album released in 2022. I get poppy!

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The landscape is that of Glacier Creek. Taken from a bridge in Girdwood Alaska, snowy mountains can be seen in the distance, with trees bare of their life in the wintery landscape. There's a creek below that goes into the distance. Tony Gebhard is written across the top, and Guided, is written upside down at the bottom of the image.
Guided Cover Art

Guided crosses pop and modern hard-rock and metal together. Closing out with a soul and piano ballad.
This album is shorter than those that came before it, yet, it tackles an enormous amount of emotion. A large amount of life changes, death, and newly found engagement with my soon-to-be wife.
I felt compelled to go an extra mile with this and identify the important unspoken aspects that surround the taboo of mental health and cultural shift within family conflicts.
The artwork is super special as well. My wife and I were in Girdwood Alaska, and took a photo of Glacier Creek. Just off the bridge on Alyeska Ave.
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