In this photo, Tony is seen walking with Norris, his guide dog, on a sunny winter day.

Sometimes we need something to say. 🎙️

Thank you endlessly to all of you that I call a friend, a brother, a sister, parental figures, and mentors. I would not be able to have strength to carry on without your encouragement.
The biggest gratitude goes to my beautiful love for always staying near when things get scary in my head. Always being present during the moments of happiness. And the inbetweens.
I put on a strong positive front a lot of the time because it helps me cope with so much going on. I’m fairly transparent and I won’t lie to you. I’ve always worked with some version of anxiety or depression for most of my adult life. Even at 26 with the success that I have, it never goes away. We just learn new ways to level it out. Control the mindset. Keep things in perspective. Etc. A song that I wrote about 3 years ago helps encapsulate some of this concept and process. One of my finest pieces that I’ve written.
Know that you are loved. Always someone willing to listen.


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