In this photo, Tony is seen walking with Norris, his guide dog, on a sunny winter day.

Storm and Calm: The Dual Dance of the Soul

sun. They seemlessly blend in the middle.

I roar, I tear, and find all to destroy,
Yet when I awake, and I face the day,
I’m longing for joy.
Pressure from within, I feel it under my skin,
I’m looking to attack.
Quieting the noise, no real choice,
I want my heart back.
In the storm of my rage, I’m lost, unconfined,
A whirlwind of chaos, in heart and in mind.
But with the dawn’s gentle kiss, under skies so wide,
I seek the soft whisper of joy, where true peace resides.
Beneath my fierce veneer, a restless sea roars,
Tossed by the tempest of internal wars.
In the mirror of the night, I’m a creature of wrath,
Yet in the morning light, I seek a new path.
For within my soul, a longing stirs deep,
A quest for serenity, not just to weep.
From the fiery fury to the calm of day’s embrace,
I search for a balance, in life’s endless chase.
In this odyssey of emotions, both harsh and serene,
I tread through shadows and hues unseen.
From the echoes of anger to the glow of delight,
I strive for harmony, in the dance of day and night.


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