A Snowflake’s Cycle

A Snowflake’s Cycle By, Tony Gebhard 12/24/2022 The snowflake began as it remains to continue as it falls. A water cycle. Beautiful and unique in its geometric form. It’s dissent from the fluffy white clouds from a mile high, downward to its eventual accumulation of multiple feet of magnificent snow. Blanketing the forest floor, it […]

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Jesus with stringed lights

Jesus with stringed lights By, Tony Gebhard 12/23/2022 I suppose an introduction to this concept is needed. It is Friday, December 23rd. Christmas is only a couple days away and I feel calm. Moments of tenseness build up now and again from surrounding stresses, yet, it’s nothing I can’t contain. The natural nuclear family problems […]

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Some days, we’re just not on top of things. People say, it’s our attitudes that ultimately dictate the outcome of success. In all realms of these popularized sayings, it’s so true. Yet, in those isolated moments, we just want to scream. Be upset. Cry. Drink it away. Light another cigarette and forget about the trauma. […]

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A lack of empathy, will kill… 👻

Okay, there’s no murderous intent behind that, however, let’s boil this down to a really basic fundamental that’s required and needed for humanity to function as a community. EMPATHY. Definition: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. This is so important for our connections to be authentic. Why do I bring this […]

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New Podcast Episode With Blind Abilities — The Only Constance Is Change 🎙️📻

It was such a cool opportunity to meet Jeff back in the studio this past Sunday to discuss updates in life, the new records, promote Guided, and talk about assistive tech and transition services. Blind Abilities have helped to promote excellent content with advocates, leaders, innovators, developers, and professionals in the blindness universe. I am […]

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