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They teach me.

Being in 1-on-1 environments for a career teaches many things. From the 3 years that I have been fortunate enough to observe, absorb, and learn from this career path is this:
1. Every action, word, reaction, and response that you have will be taken into account every single step of the way. It’s teaching a sense of self awareness.
2. Every person that walks into my office will come with their own set of problems, tragedies, successes, goals, complaints, accomplishments, and state of mental health.
3. There isn’t always “one” way to administer training and coaching. Learning styles differ from one individual to the next. It’s a constant motion of adapting, reinventing oneself, and looking for teachable moments by the client.
4. There is so much comradery. Opportunities to laugh, play music, sing, share jokes and stories, shed tears, and break bread at the dinner table that we have present for our agency.
5. Life changing. I have changed so much over the course of these years. I’ve learned to not resist change. Embrace and take in each moment for the greater good. I know that if I remain stagnate, nothing can come from my ability to empathize or have self love.

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