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Tony, standing in the woods. he is hugging a tree with one arm, smiling at the camera. Taken in Michigan, this wintery portrait shows a vibrant glow of white and happiness.

Some days, we’re just not on top of things. People say, it’s our attitudes that ultimately dictate the outcome of success. In all realms of these popularized sayings, it’s so true. Yet, in those isolated moments, we just want to scream. Be upset. Cry. Drink it away. Light another cigarette and forget about the trauma.
Gosh. It’s such a funny moment of vulnerability for me, simply because, I articulate a lot of my own thoughts that revolve around optimism, strength, perseverance, and winning my fights.
Have you ever wandered from your path before? I have. Always making it back. Easy to get lost, though. Remember where your true heart is. Who loves it. Who never abandoned it.
We are all soldiers.

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