What’s new! August edition

Wow, it’s been a Hell of a month and a half. I know there has not been much blog activity, but we’re gonna fix that one!
First of all, I was down in sunny California for 12 days getting married to my best friend in the world! We enjoyed an incredible ceremony and reception in the Long Beach area. Spent much time at the beach, checking out local night life, and making an amazing commitment!
We both miss it dearly, but, plan to visit L.A. next summer. Michigan is on our radar for Christmas.
Onto other lovely life thangs,
We have a beautiful new blue-nose pitbull named, Monkey. Stupidly adorable. Full of love, compassion, and tenderness. She’s 4 months old already. Time flies!

Music and other media!

My new album, Savage, drops Friday, September 8th on all platforms. I am so excited to share these stories and tunes with you! Be sure to listen to Medicine, One Life, and My Shadow. All 3 songs are available on my YouTube Channel

AN amazing international band that I have been contributing to has released our first full-length record. It has just hit all platforms! Bloody Pineapples

The podcast will be seeing a new wave of episodes release in the coming weeks. I needed to take a short break to focus on life!
Listen to the Podcast on Apple or Spotify

The Youtube channel and my community has almost reached a thousand subscribers! I don’t have words to express how appreciative I am to be in this position to be along side everyone. Motivation shorts, music reactions, game streams, and so much more new content is scheduled for the fall! Subscribe and come be a part of the journey.
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That’s about it! Keep being you and take every moment you can to practice gratitude. Manifesting your dreams into reality!


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