What’s new with assistive tech in 2023!

The Latest in Assistive Tech: Innovations You Need to Know About
Hey friends, Tony here! I’ve been diving into some truly incredible advancements in the world of assistive technology. Let’s get straight into it.

Oko Application: Making Traffic Lights More Accessible

Meet William, one of the brains behind the Oko app. This genius piece of tech uses AI to make pedestrian traffic lights accessible for blind and visually impaired folks like us. Hold your phone at chest level and the app gives you three types of feedback: visual screen overlay, vibrations, and audio signals that differentiate between ‘walk’, ‘don’t walk’, and the countdown. And the best part? No Wi-Fi or cellular connection required!

LVI America’s iPad Solutions: Assistive Tech Meets Apple

LVI America is shaking things up with their iPad solutions. You’ve got two choices: an all-in-one unit, or an adaptable solution that lets you pair their tech with your existing iPad. Switch between multiple camera views, and even customize your screen setup. Hats off to Kimberly Klein, your go-to for all things LVI America.

Logic Keyboard: Keyboards for All

Michelle Malkin unveils Logic Keyboard’s lineup designed for various accessibility needs. From large print to Braille and even a dyslexia-friendly keyboard, they’ve got it all. Plus, they offer both wired and Bluetooth options.

ARX Vision’s ARXQ Document Scanner: Ask Away!

Charles McClurkin introduces a game-changer in document scanning. This is not your usual scanner; ARXQ uses AI to let you ask questions about the document you just scanned. Want to know if the menu has vegan options? Just ask!

Feeldom: Bags for the Differently-Abled

Straight out of Seoul, South Korea, Feeldom has got your back, literally. They offer a variety of bags designed specifically for blind and low vision individuals, including the incredibly versatile cane pouch.

Sony’s HX99 RNV Retinal Projection Kit: See the World Differently

Sony introduces an ultra-compact high zoom camera that projects images directly onto the retina. This means you can potentially skip the corrective glasses and get a clearer view of your surroundings. Set to launch this summer, it’s priced at around $600.

Xperia Smartphone: Your Next External Monitor

The Xperia smartphone doubles up as a pro-level external monitor. Connect it to your camera, and you’ve got a 4K HDR OLED display at your fingertips. It even supports live streaming through Wi-Fi or 5G.

Marker Pen Reader: Scan and Read in Style

This handheld device scans printed material and reads it back to you. Customize reading speed, voices, text size, and even font for a tailored experience. It supports 100 languages and offers translation capabilities!

Monarch Device: Braille and Beyond

The Monarch device is a multitasking wizard. It’s built for visually impaired students and offers everything from internet research capabilities to tactile graphic support. It also features a 32-character by 10-line display for all your academic needs.

So there it is, your quick guide to some of the latest and greatest in assistive tech. Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, keep pushing those boundaries.

Till next time!



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