Who dares to discriminate? ☠️

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Living with a physical disability comes with it’s own individual frustrations. As an optimist, I aim to always channel the best perspective possible to ensure that I do not become jaded. This, in fact, can be difficult at times. A part of being human.
I found a certain level of unintentional prejudice unveil when a service provider I recently spoke with regarding mental health services, had let me know that they were uncomfortable with working with me due to my visual impairment. Realizing this was my alert to advocate, I promptly said, “I can understand the lack of understanding with being introduced to someone with a visual disability, yet, I can provide the necessary advocacy to ensure they know how to communicate and work with me.” I’ll admit to you all. This made me feel so fuckin discriminated against. I respectfully let the receptionist know that I was grateful for their time, and will look into other options.
I will be leaving a realistic review on this experience with Alliance Behavioral Health in Anchorage.


I am not one to be aggressive, violent, or rude, however, this sort of discriminatory undercurrent holds a lot of individuals down. Even with advocating, fighting for a voice, or just having some civil understanding with those with a noticeable visual impairment, there will be those that will never understand.

ON The Plus Side!

Within 20 minutes of hanging up the phone with this agency, I found another and have appointments on the calendar. 📣
Go be great today, friends.


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